A structural element in the makeup of a house, and a tool providing warmth, light, and food; a hearth gathers us towards itself, and towards each other.

Founded in 2019 as an artist-run space, Hearth seeks to provide a site for artists, writers, curators, and community organizers to present projects within a context that values collaboration, experimentation, and community. In presenting exhibitions, screenings, performances, and workshops, Hearth aims to provide a reprieve from limitations imposed by many larger artistic operating bodies, and the city itself.

Hearth is committed to working towards an anti-oppressive, queer positive environment, and welcoming marginalized, racialized, and indigenous folks through programming that celebrates the work of a diverse range of emerging collaborators.

All programming collaboratively produced by: Rowan Lynch, Sameen Mahboubi, Philip Ocampo and Benjamin de Boer.

Contact us at: hearthgarage@gmail.com

We are located on Ulster St. just east of Three Star Variety (621 Bathurst, Toronto, ON, M5S 2R2).