RECENT EXHIBITION [on site at the plumb]:

ft. work by FASTWÜRMS, Holly Fedida, Julian Yi-Jong Hou, Chantal Khoury, Aidan Koch, Alicia Nauta, Shaelynn Recollet, Fatine-Violette Sabiri, and Véronique Sunatori
And a publication [PDF] featuring writing from Alexia, Benjamin de Boer, Forest Hope, Jennifer Laiwint, Keivan Mahboubi, and Blair Swann.

January 9 - February 7, 2021
A seasonal collaboration with the plumb

Online components including videos by Jennifer Laiwint, and FASTWÜRMS, and a song by Forest Hope, can be found at moonshow.info

Deeply connected to human projections and aspirations, the Moon is subject to an array of encounters – from personal wonder to our collective histories, of bodies of water and flesh. Following the line between waking hours and sleep, two subterranean rooms refract along the asymmetrical warp of the scrying bowl. Step towards inversion or clarity; there are still pools to welcome you near the cyclical turn of seasons pinned to canvas. Choose another way to find yourself within a labyrinthine corridor, following scorched bronze and quilts in rest. These twin chambers hinge on the reading room, a restful moth-light library; we invite you to sit a spell by the glow.

Due to current Lockdown restrictions in Ontario, there will not be regular gallery hours. For more information please contact hearthgarage@gmail.com or info@theplumb.ca

Cody Caetano x Yan Wen Chang

We’re excited to share the newest edition of our City Water broadside, Shadow Land Acknowledgment”, a collaboration between Cody Caetano and Yan Wen Chang.⁣ ⁣

"The idea and conceptual site of the Shadow Land comes from writer and traditional teacher Lee Maracle (Sto:lo), who in the past has taught it as “the space between the living and the dead where terrible things can be looked at.” ⁣ ⁣

In “Shadow Land Acknowledgement,” Yan Wen Chang and Cody Caetano torque a political genre to confront the myopia and cognitive dissonance of the city’s political shakers. ⁣⁣ ⁣

B&W prints of this edition, as pictured, are available for free/by donation, while the edition of 20 originals is for sale for $45 each. For inquiries please contact hearthgarage@gmail.com. All proceeds from this broadside will go to Encampment Support Network Toronto.

RECENT EXHIBITION [on site at Hearth]:
Travellers: A New Installation by Jordan Elliot Prosser

January 16th - February 16th, 2021

Over the Christmas season, Jordan Elliott Prosser has recycled material from a recent exhibition to transform Hearth into a diorama, inviting visitors to peer into a sculptural tableau made from Prosser’s childhood objects . Travellers is conceived in the image of the Christian trope of a redemptive interior found in representations of the nativity and persisting in western literature (Dickens), cinema (Spielberg), and visual art (Duchamp).

This exhibition is intended to be viewed from Hearth’s window, and is available for viewing at any time. It is best viewed after the sun has set on a snowy day. We are located on Ulster St. just east of Three Star Variety (621 Bathurst, Toronto, ON, M5S 2R2). For more information, see hearthgarage.com or contact us at hearthgarage@gmail.com.

Silverfish Issue 001 Cyborgities Magazine Launch: now that the artifice is dissolved,

ft. work by Jessica Kasiama, Alex Lepianka, Miao Liu, and B Wijshijer
14th-30th November, 2020

Gallery hours: In response to Toronto’s second lockdown we will be closing regular gallery hours and have switched to curbside pickup and mail for distributing Silverfish magazine. As always they are free other than the cost of postage! ✨ [SOLD OUT]

Get in touch with us via email at hearthgarage.com, Instagram DM @hearth.garage, or on Facebook to arrange pickup or shipping. The exhibition will be up in the space until the November 30th so feel free to pop your head in and see these incredible works in person when you pick up your copy of the magazine.

now that the artifice is dissolved, showcases the works developed throughout the Silverfish workshop program by the inaugural cohort. The associated magazine will be available for free pickup at Hearth during the course of the exhibition.

Volume 2

We are creating an archive of erotic awakenings.
Thank you for reading, and thank you for sharing.

Available on our Mixcloud here. Happy listening! ❤

During quarantine, we've re-started Hearth Audio, an online platform for mixes by local artists and collaborators.
See mixes by Arthur Bastos, Yan Wen Chang, Kate Kolberg, Fan Wu, Shellie Zhang, and more.

See @hearth.garage and Facebook for updates.

Feel free to contact us at hearthgarage@gmail.com or DM us at @hearth.garage with any questions or inquiries.