Current Exhibition

Sentient Sun
August 1st - September 4th, 2020
ft. Marina Fathalla, Lamis Haggag, Lauren Lavery, and Mehrnaz Rohbakhsh.
alongside an exhibition publication ft. additional writing by Geneviève Wallen, and work by Emily Harrison.
Sentient Sun proposes artworks that access scientific, phenomenal, mythological, and personal explorations of the Sun. ⁣⁣

NOTE: There will be no opening reception for this exhibition. Gallery Hours are Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, from 11AM - 4PM and by appointment (please contact hearthgarage@gmail.com). ⁣⁣

Mehrnaz Rohbakhsh, Study of a Textile I


We're excited to launch:
Erotic Awakenings: Hearth x Fan Wu

We are creating an archive of erotic awakenings.
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During quarantine, we've re-started Hearth Audio, an online platform for mixes by local artists and collaborators.
See mixes by Emily Gove, Fan Wu, Sami Alwani, Shellie Zhang, Francisco Fernano-Granados, and more.

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