stem to where we grew stuck
September 19th - October 24th, 2020
ft. work by Marvin Luvualu António, Nathan Ivanco, Paula McLean, and Xuan Ye

“The source frees us to depart from something rather than from nothing or everything”
- Sister Corita Kent

So too here, where print, video, sculpture, and sound engage with source material. Yet reference in these works are not only sites of departure. They amplify their source, posing it as a site worthy of return.

NOTE: Gallery visits will be arranged by appointment only. Please make an appointment by contacting hearthgarage@gmail.com. There will be no opening reception for this exhibition.

We're excited to launch
Volume 2: Erotic Awakenings: Hearth x Fan Wu

We are creating an archive of erotic awakenings.
Thank you for reading, and thank you for sharing.

Available on our Mixcloud here. Happy listening! ❤

During quarantine, we've re-started Hearth Audio, an online platform for mixes by local artists and collaborators.
See mixes by Emily Gove, Fan Wu, Sami Alwani, Shellie Zhang, Francisco Fernano-Granados, and more.

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