Hearth is currently closed in response to COVID-19.

While we are closed, we're excited to launch Hearth Audio, an online platform for mixes by local artists and collaborators.
See mixes by Emily Gove, Fan Wu, Sami Alwani, Shellie Zhang, Francisco Fernano-Granados, and more.

Available here. Happy listening! ❤

See @hearth.garage and Facebook for updates.

Feel free to contact us at hearthgarage@gmail.com or DM us at @hearth.garage with any questions or inquiries.


Recent Exhibitions:

Hop the Twig

March 6 - April 4, 2020
Opening: November 23, 7-10PM
Ft. new work by Sara K. Maston, Sami Alwani, Ron Sui & Shevon J. Lewis

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