A new installation by Jordan Elliot Prosser
January 16th - February 16th, 2021

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Over the Christmas season, Jordan Elliott Prosser has recycled material from a recent exhibition to transform Hearth into a diorama, inviting visitors to peer into a sculptural tableau made from Prosser’s childhood objects . Travellers is conceived in the image of the Christian trope of a redemptive interior found in representations of the nativity and persisting in western literature (Dickens), cinema (Spielberg), and visual art (Duchamp).

Prosser’s sculptural theatre results from a practice that holds onto things for far too long, accumulating objects and memories from his suburban heritage—forms linger while their jagged inconsistencies negotiate uncanny assemblages. While this persistence characterizes the works melancholic tagline it also describes a desire to bring disparate things back together—all things gather round the table, refusing separation. “Travellers” continues Prosser’s diaristic impulse congealing within a specific architectural and historical context while pressing on questions of attachment, psychological inheritance, and the finitude of place. His work clumps into a tumorous memorial under constant operation: parts are scarred over or else excised as shelved preserves, mistakes are strapped back in place with available material. In other instances, surgical incisions search for coherence in an inexhaustible historical space. Far from a benign mass, Travellers is a menagerie of talismanic objects on the move, stable only in this moment of repose.

This exhibition is intended to be viewed from Hearth’s window, and is available for viewing at any time. It is best viewed after the sun has set on a snowy day. We are located on Ulster St. just east of Three Star Variety (621 Bathurst, Toronto, ON, M5S 2R2). For more information, contact us at hearthgarage@gmail.com.

Jordan Elliott Prosser works in film, sculpture, and installation. Through an embedded but critical empathy, his work excavates a psychological space charting a personal identity through observational and surreal modes of representation of “significant others:” family members or friends, memories, architectural landmarks, childhood objects, or the industries of his hometown. Centering auto-ethnographic and documentary strategies in a generous space of abstraction his works dwell in tones of melancholia and the uncanny to unsettle familiar attachments and seek a renewed sense of intimacy within a pervasive cultural attitude of separation. Jordan recently completed the Master of Visual Studies degree at the University of Toronto. He previously studied philosophy at the European Graduate School and architecture at the University of Waterloo. His work has been shown at The Art Museum at the University of Toronto, Crutch CAC, and The Tullip. jordanelliottprosser.com