places where sounds turn to dreams...

Nov. 5 - Nov 24th, 2021
Ft. Julia E. Dyck, Simon Fuh, Kite, Matt Nish-Lapidus, and Carson Teal
Curated by Dhvani Ramanujam

November 5th, 2021
Exhibition open - 5PM onwards
Music by Jenny Laiwint and Simon Fuh - 7:30PM onwards


Gallery Hours will be held Sundays and Mondays, 12PM - 4PM during the run of the exhibition.
If you cannot make these gallery hours, and would like to visit between Monday to Saturday, feel free to get in touch at hearthgarage@gmail.com or DM @hearth.garage on instagram.

See Exhibition Essay by Dhvani Ramanujam
Listen to associated audio mix here

places where sounds turn to dreams... is a group exhibition that focuses on artists that engage with sonic-worldmaking in their practices. Through a series of aural mediations, landscapes, and ecologies, the works on display ask viewers to consider how sound helps us locate the cracks and leaks in time and space, playing with themes of speculation, language, and memory.