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Featuring contributions by Alexandra Box, Darian, Marisa Fulper Estrada, Madeleine Lychek, Simon Fuh, Susanna, and Yi Wei Hu

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Featuring contributions by C.F. Lovett, Eddy, Lucas Regazzi, Sameen, and Vida Beyer

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We are creating an archive of erotic awakenings.

We use erotic to name the energy that forges loose links between love, sex, romance, play, flirtation, lust; the erotic is associative by nature, and rejoices in eluding capture by definition.

We take an awakening to mean a moment when you felt your erotic landscape shift: perhaps you were inducted into eros for the first time; or, later in life, the parameters of your sexuality expanded to include new scenes, new feelings, or new objects of desire.

“Eros is an issue of boundaries.” Anne Carson, Eros the Bittersweet. The erotic awakening is an awakening of oneself to one’s own boundaries, the problem of their instability, and the pleasures of their maintenance.

There are times where the tides of attraction produce a gravity between us and something in the world in a way that presupposes understanding. Why now, and why those things? I mean, we never know why. But the erotic awakening captures confusion before interpretation.

An erotic awakening arises from innocent situations as much as from those explicitly sexually charged. Because nothing is intrinsically innocent, or intrinsically erotic; the way our spirit moves toward the thing, and the way the thing moves toward our spirit, forges eroticism. An erotic awakening is a story you tell about yourself from a memory, further encrusted with significance every time you remember it.


We want to hear your narratives, and how you look back to those supercharged moments from the vantage point of the now.

Should you decide that you’d like to share an awakening of your own, we invite you to get in touch at hearthgarage@gmail.com. Writing doesn’t need to be signed with a recognizable name either; the agency of what you call yourself is important to us. Requests for pen names, or anonymity, will be respected.

Erotic awakenings are sensitive things to speak of; but we believe there are oft-occluded truths within this sensitivity, and all kinds of delight we can bask in by speaking of them. We invite any kind of writing at all on the erotic: pure descriptions, or description mixed with interpretations; tiny haikus, or long screeds.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for sharing.
xox Hearth
oxo Fan Wu